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Did you know that dogs offer each other gestures of goodwill when they meet? Every dog meeting is unique and depends about sex,age,experience and also personality of the dog but here I’ll describe how a perfect “dog meeting” should go:

1.Face sniffing

2.Subtle head turn

3.Urogenital sniff

4.Butt sniffing.Dancing in circle

Face sniffing allows both dogs to collect information about another dog mood. Read level of calmness,tension or confidence.

When you see your dog turns his head to the side but his body is relaxed is dog language for “please go ahead”. Its dog permission to smell rest of the body.

By scenting the undercarriage each dog collects pheromone information.You can observe that some dogs will start to lick this area. Its very normal if both dogs are relaxed If you observe that one dog is walking away and other try to still  lick this area the best way is to separate them

Butt sniffing is last part of dog meeting.The dogs are alloud to collect information about age,sex,reproductive status of new friend.

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