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Have you ever wondered if dogs really remember what they have done? How their memory works and how good is it?

Dogs certainly have a memory and they start to use them from a very early age.Puppies are already capable of remembering good and bad habits or solving difficult mind games.

Memory through smells and sounds

Have you ever seen a dog that’s afraid to cross the door to the vet? That’s because our beloved pets are able to remember places through sense of smell. Furthermore, sounds are also linked to their memory. Dogs are able to correct response to multiple different verbal cues.When we use the word “stay” they know that the sound of this word means to stay in one place.

Short and long term memory

Short term memory

 Dogs might have a short term memory span of 2 minutes and under but they usually store any useful information from repetition of events. EXAMPLE: The dog remembers the direction its owner threw the ball

Long term memory

Long term memories are those that dogs retain and can fall back on after the period of short term memory has ended. EXAMPLE:Dog remembers an insect bite.

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