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Have you ever seen a dog with curved lips and squinted,closed eyes? Or a dog with open mouth, lip pulled back letting his tongue to lap over his teeth? Did it ever cross your mind that your dog is smiling at you?

In some situations, a “smile” can indicate that a dog is relaxed. This happens when a dog opens its mouth wide with tongue hanging out.Some dogs can be taught that showing teeth as a greeting signal can make a person give them a treat, and this behavior will be rewarded.However, it is important to remember that only humans show teeth to express contentment and happiness.To any other animal, showing teeth is a serious warning sign.Mostly of time dogs shows their gums and teeth to tell you “back off”. If you ever notice that your dog is sitting, frowning muzzle and showing all his teeth, please respect that.

Dogs shows us happiness with soft eyes and gently wagging tail rather than with their teeth.

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