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The first thing I heard from other people when I started owning a dog is that the dog needs to respect me and I have to become the pack leader. Trainers and proponents of this theory believe that when dogs misbehave, they do so out of disrespect. They believe that if you treat a dog as an equal, you will never earn its respect.

While I completely understand how upsetting it can be when your beloved pet doesn’t listen to you or do what you ask, I completely disagree and I believe that the dog-human relationship is much simpler.

Respecting someone means understanding how your behavior affects others.You must have a highly developed cerebral cortex and advanced cognitive abilities to understand how your behavior affects others. Dogs do not have as complex or as advanced a cerebral cortex as humans. As a result, they do not have the cognitive capacity to understand what the human concept of respect means.Despite this “respect” and “pack leader” theories are extremely popular. Next time, instead of punishing your dog because you think he is disrespectful, spend more time teaching him.

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