Have you ever seen laughing or sad faces wherever there are two dots and a gently curved line? Have you ever called your dog stubborn when he didn’t do what you asked him to do? Can dogs be stubborn or maybe it is us?

People often use the term ‘stubborn’ when their dog won’t do something they ask. “My dog after hearing a command looked at me and went the other way” or “my dog never comes when he is called.” Dogs are not stubborn by nature.In fact, a dog that comes out stubborn is actually a dog that has no motivation or no idea what is being asked.

Dogs, like any other animal, need motivation to do behaviors.Find what motivates your dog the most, whether it’s a pocket full of treats, a favorite toy, or verbal praise. Don’t stop rewarding your pet after he completes a task.In a lot of situations the human has the mentality that the dog has done it before so he should do it again,We assume that if a dog knows a command very well it no longer needs a reward.That’s where human stubbornness comes in.

If your dog does not respond to a verbal cue, use a hand signal or show them what you want

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