Walking your dog can be a dream or a nightmare, but it all depends on your point of view.Learn a few rules that change your “have to walk ” with your four-legged friend into something wonderful.

Be in the moment

Beeing present with your dog on walks is one of the most important things to starting enjoy it.Put your phone in the pocket, take your earphones out and enjoy the world together with your dog.I am sure it will help build a stronger bond between you both.

Mix it all up

Believe me, taking the same route all the time is not good for you or your dog. When you take a short walk around your place in the morning, then later go to the park, another time to the beach and another time to the forest. Incorporate scenting games and agility exercises into your walks.

Leash loose

Training and walking a dog on a loose leash reduces its hyperactivity to other dogs and people.If you have a problem with your dog jumping on people or other animals, start the training by reducing the tension on the leash first Dogs sense our energy very well too

Have fun

I know how it sounds but try to bring toys and treats whenever you have more time.Think about how you would like to spend a day at the park with your child and plan as many fun activities for you and your dog.

Longer walks on daily basis

Plan a longer walk for you and your friend at least once a a day.You’ll see that afterwards he’ll be more relaxed. Some of your dog’s behavioral problems may simply be due to boredomA tired dog is not a bored dog.

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