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While stay and wait seem similar in meaning in English, did you know that they mean two very specific things in canine speech?

Both stay and wait are two powerful commands that can protect your dog from danger or they simply can help train impulse control skills in our pets.Because the commands can appear very similar, many dog owners use only one command for both purposes.

You can use ‘Wait!’ as an temporary command.

The command “wait” simply stops forward movement.It can be very helpful before crossing the street to give you time to check if it is safe to cross or or just when you don’t want your dog to jump on visitors as soon as the front door opens.

You can use “stay!’ when you want your dog to remain in place

The command “stay” simply use when you want your dog get comfortable and not move for an undetermined length of time.This command can be helpful when visit the vet,in the restaurant or just simply when u leave the room and your best friend does not go with you.

A wait command the dog remains more alert, listening to what will happen next, in a stay command the dog knows it is off duty.

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