Has your dog become extremely hungry or lose appetite ? Has your dog stopped being excited about walks,people, treats or playing? Has your dog started grooming his body excessively? Are these all symptoms of sadness? Does your dog ever feel sad?

Although the emotions of dogs are more simple and more simplistic than those of humans, our four-legged friends can certainly feel depressed and sad.The symptoms of their grief are very similar to ours and no great discoveries or observations are necessary to prove this.


●You’ve certainly seen some shelter dogs lying curled up in the back of their cage, with their eyes kind of dead.

●Lack of desire to interact and loss of appetite, are just some expressions of sadness which we can observe when one dog in the house passed away and the other is left by himself.Dogs get very attached to people and other pets and go through the grieving process very similarly to us.

Constant licking and grooming can be a sign that your dog is trying to comfort themselves.

●Some dogs also sigh loudly, turn around and lie down on their bed when they notice that the owner is leaving without them.

Poor sleeping and tiredness.Your dogs may lay around more and do not feel like interact with you or toys.If your dog lost interest in everything around,something probably is wrong.

In my opinion our beloved pets are capable of feeling varying levels of sadness – from ” my owner is leaving” through “Thats new environment is scary and i do not want to be here” to  “I lost somebody”.If you observe any of the above symptoms in your dog, first visit your vet to check on your dog’s physical condition. Dogs can sometimes behave like this when in physical pain.Make sure to keep your daily schedule on track,because routines make dogs feel safe and secure and remember one of the most important factors in your dog’s emotional health is the bond between you both.

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