Is your dog like your shadow? When was the last time you had 5 minutes in the bathroom without your dog sitting at your feet? Having a constant companion can be comforting, or sometimes extremely annoying. is it a sign of love and affection or a serious problem?

It is not surprising that our four legged friends want to spend every second by our side. After all, we are almost the whole world to them.Watching and following what we do is part of dog’s natural social behavior.Folowing you is also the only way to make sure neither of you is left alone and vulnerable.In most cases this is perfectly healthy behavior.

What is going on?

Dogs follow you because they are very curious by nature. You may not realize it, but to a dog you are the “entrance” to all that is exciting.

Give me a snack.

How do you react when your dog follows you? Do you hug him, pat him, talk to him or maybe give him a treat? Your dog has learned that if he follows you, he gets good things.

I am f**king bored.

Are you providing enough physical and mental stimulation for your dog? Sometimes dogs follow us everywhere because they are counting on you to help them find something interesting to do

The time has come.

Dogs are masters at learning their daily routines. It’s amazing how quickly they can remember when it’s time to feed or go for a walk. Your best friend can follow you around the house trying to hurry you along.

Separation anxiety

The problem begins when your dog can not relax without you being next to him.Dogs over attached to us to cope with feelings of anxiety that can arise when they have not learned a proper separation routine.

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