Have you ever wondered what it means to be a good leader? If we want our dogs to be happy, fulfilled, and well treated, why are we still desperate for methods that tell us to be the alpha? Did you know that the ability to redirect most agressive dogs’ inappropriate behavior without force is actually much more powerful than using outdated methods?

I believe that the basic key to building a healthy, good relationship with our dogs is rewarding them for good behavior and correcting bad behavior without using force.People often punish their dogs for misbehaving without showing them the right way beforehand.General our goal is to teach,lead and influence our dogs so they choose to behave in a proper way.

To this day, the words alpha and dominance are the cause of much misunderstanding in dog training.Once I was walking with my dog when suddenly I noticed a man with a young pitbull. When his dog stopped to smell the grass the owner pulled the leash. Young dog did not react so the man pulled the leash so hard that the pitbull literally flew in the air.His four paws were above the ground.The other day I was sitting with my dog at the vet’s when the woman next to us tried to quiet her dog by continuously inserting her index finger into the side of her dog’s abdomen.One of the worst things I observed was a man who put his puppy’s mouth in the pee when his four-legged friend didn’t make it to the toilet.Unfortunately,there are more people like that.

Some training methods teach us that if a dog walks in front of owner or tries to get through the door first, he desire go be in charge. Have you ever wondered why that is? Dogs just have four legs and they walk faster than we do. Have you ever heard that in order to teach a small puppy the command sit you should press his bottom to the floor? Instead of encouraging the dog to solve the problem his own way and enjoy the learning process, some people will want you to take control. Its naturally hard for us to feel powerless so we attemp to act that way – to control.Humans like to be in charge.Some dog trainers still use emotional or physical manipulation to gain control of a dog because like bullies people they are insecure or scared to lose control.

Fear and pain are quick motivators for dogs and unfortunately many people take advantage of that. In my opinion true bond is build on trust which can easy be destroyed when dominance technique are used.

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