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Have you ever felt so excited that you just wanted to jump around? So do our four-legged friends.Do you not accept this behavior? How do you explain this easily to your friend?


There is not just one reason why dogs jump up.It may be a message that puppies send out to tell a human “I’m just a little thing, don’t hurt me”.Some dogs continue this behavior as adults to simply say excited Hello.Sometimes dogs jump because they want attention or because they want to invite you to play. In some situations, dogs jump up when they are frightened and asking for your help.Each situation is different and requires a look at the dog’s posture, especially his ears, tail and eyes.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Jumping Up?

●Be consistent. How many times have you let your dog jump up on you when you get home from work and at the same time not let him jump up on other people or your quests ? Remember, mixed messages are confusing . Do not allow your dog to jump up on you when greeting you and expect him not to jump up on visitors.

● Party with treats. When u come in to your house, throw some treats around to teach your friend to keep all four paws on the floor.

●Ignore the behaviour. Every time your dog jumps on you – turn your back to him. When your dog puts his paws on the floor, you can reward him for his behavior.After a while, your dog will understand what you expect from him

●Do not let him greet your quests in front of the door. Place him in a place where he is calm. When guests are seated, allow your dog to come in and greet them.

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