We all know that smell is the most important sense for dogs and they mainly rely on it to learn about the world.However, to understand exactly how your friend perceives the reality that surrounds him, it is necessary to first understand how your dog sees.

Dogs are animals whose innate behaviour is hunting. Their eyesight is adapted to this way of life and enables them not only to observe details of an image, but also to react immediately to any movement.This is all thanks to the large number of receptors on the surface of the retina.The structure of a dog’s eye is similar to that of a human but peculiarity of the four-legged friend’s eye is that it has a much wider field of vision. A dog can see 250-270 degrees compared to 180 degrees in humans.

World of colours

Dogs are not color blind.They have only two types of cones – special receptors located in the centre of the fundus of the eye. They are sensitive to the colours yellow and blue. Our friends can therefore distinguish shades of green, navy blue, brown, yellow and bluish, but they do not perceive colour impulses from a palette of different shades of red.When teaching your dog obedience or new tricks, pay attention to the colours you use. To some of them, your dog will react more vividly than to others.

Ability to see in the dark?

Dogs can see in the dark much better than humans. Thanks to the large cornea, the amount of light reaching the photosensitive retina under night light conditions is higher.What also helps dogs see well in the dark is a special reflective membrane called tapetum lucidum.Have you ever noticed the glowing eyes of your dog in a photo taken with a flash? That’s because of membrane which acts like a mirror.

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