No activities for another seven days.No walking,no running,no jumping. These are just some of the conditions that you will hear from the vet after neutering your pet. But how do you explain this to your dog? How do you keep your dog calm and happy? How not to go crazy with all this?

The hormones in our dogs bodies can have an effect on their physical condition,their behaviour,their mental capacities.Many of us argue about whether to neuter our dogs, and if so, when. First of all, every dog is different. Some dogs need to be neutered for medical reasons, but if there is no real reason to do so, then make this decision with the help and advice of several vets and other animal care professionals. I say several because as many people as many opinions.I could write for hours on the pros and cons of neutering but this post is not about that.

Have you ever heard it from your doctor that you have to stay in bed for a week and rest. How many of those days did you stay in bed without getting up? Be honest.Your dog needs about two weeks to recover from his castration and you will need to reduce his activity to a minimum for at least the first week. Its easy for a vet to say but how do you help your four legged friend to understand this?

●Stay calm

Try to be calm around your dog and talk to him without getting excited. Give lots of affection and just relax together. During my dog’s recovery I sat next to his bed for hours drinking tea and reading books or watching movies.

●Stuffed dog toys

Divide the meals into several smaller portions and fill the toys with them. Every few hours, your dog can use his skills and work on his food, all without leaving his bed.

●Crate time is fun time

In our case, it was extremely simple. Sherlock has always associated the crate one of the safe place where he can rest or chew his favourite bone. Set aside times to relax, especially when you can’t keep an eye on your dog.

●Find it

Put two closed fists in front of the dog’s nose.In one of them place a treat beforehand.When the dog chooses the right hand, open your hand to give him the treat. You can also substitute the game with cups.

After the first few days many dogs start to feel better and start to be bored or restless.Keeping your dog calm but happy is not an easy task, but it is possible.Being creative and showing lots of affection will certainly help you both get through this difficult time.

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