Personally, I think that the “wait” command is one of the most important commands tha your dog should know. It is extremely helpful in your everyday life with your pet, but it also teaches your dog self-control. The “wait” command can be used in many situations: before you give your dog food, before you start playing or before you unleash your dog in the park.The wait command also ensures safety on busy roads, but where do you start? How to teach your dog to wait patiently?

Give a verbal command before playing with your dog

Take your dog’s favorite toy and give the command wait before you start playing with him. When your dog is waiting politely, give the verbal command go and give the toy to your dog.

Put the toy next to the waiting dog

As in the first stage, give the command wait and very slowly place the toy on the ground. When the dog is waiting calmly give the release command e.g. go, ok,Repeat the exercise several times without forgetting to praise your dog.

Train the wait command in everyday situations

If your dog has mastered the early stages, you can begin to use the skill in everyday life. Take your dog to the park and try to keep him there. At first, use a long line that you can step on at any time in case your dog doesn’t respond to the command.

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