Aggression in a dog is a very complex behavior, and defining it is not an easy task.Unfortunately we can not ask our dogs how they feel but we can observe them to understand why they feel.Dogs instinctively protect objects, places and people that are important to them. If your dog barks and runs to the door when a neighbor walks by, or becomes unrelaxed,aggressive and gives warning signals to visitors we can talk about territorial aggression.Why my dog does it ? How to eliminate this behavior?

Dogs that exhibit territorial aggression are most often insecure and control who has access to them to ensure their safety and survival.Some dog trainers consider this to be dominant behaviour and will recommend that you use one of the outdated methods or punish your dog for every such act, guaranteeing you a good result in a week.Imagine you go to a psychologist and he guarantees to get rid of your problem in a few days.You know that can’t be true.Since territorial aggression like almost any other kind of aggression is built on insecurity and fear your dog need time and support to change how they feel emotionally.

Using hostile methods u will see a quick result, but that does not mean that you will eliminate the problem.Your dog may stop sending warning signals to get rid of a potential threat, and move on to actually biting.The right approach is key here.


The secret to successfully treating aggression is to not put the dog in a situation where he will exceed his stress level.Instead, try to work with your dog on the extremely valuable self-control skills.Help him accept the approach of people or other dogs onto his territory.And above all, try to build your dog’s confidence.In most cases, I believe it is crucial to get help from a qualified dog trainer

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