Walking side by side is another great trick that can be helpful in everyday life with your pet. It’s helpful for us, but it’s also difficult to teach to your dog because, due to their four paws, dogs walk much faster than we do. So the most important thing is to show your dog that walking by you is beneficial to him and brings only good things.

1. Hold your hand with treat against the left or right side of your body.

With your hand closed, put the treat in front of your dog’s nose and bring your hand up to your chest. Remember to choose the right side – left right, depending on which side you want your dog to learn to walk close to you. Take the first steps. Praise your dog and reward her with the food. Repeat the exercise several times.

2.Add a verbal command.

If your dog is able to walk 15 steps in a straight line, you can move on to the next step, which is turns. Remember to speed up when turning left and slow down a little when turning right.When the exercise is going smoothly, you can add a verbal command like “close”.

3.Extend the distance.

When the dog performs this exercise without any problems, you can move on to the next step. Perform this exercise on a leash. It is important that the leash hangs loosely but does not rest between the dog’s legs.Try to increase the walking distance while reducing the amount of treats

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