Do you remember that feeling when you finished a complex game on a computer or games console? How you felt after learning a new language for hours? Exhausted but bloody satisfied? You know you didn’t run a marathon that day but you still feel exhausted and fulfilled? You worked hard but you also achieved something. Our dogs need a similar level of mental stimulation to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

I have heard many theories about raising dogs, one of which is that a 45 minute walk in the woods is enough of a total dose of exercise that you should give your friend. Another was that home is a place for rest.
Personally, I do not agree with them.Having a dog is not just about walking and exercise for a period of the day and then ignoring it, have you ever seen dogs that are reluctant to leave the park? I think it is because they have learned that play is only there.It is true that depending on the breed, age of the dog the needs may vary but all dogs still deserve some access to tasks and thinking several times a day. Whilst for puppies 15 minutes of mindful play a few times a day should be enough, with working dogs you will need to dedicate much more time to keep them happy and satisfied.

Mind games stimulate the dog’s intellect and intelligence and they can take many forms:

●sniffing games.

●playing hide and seek at home – with people, toys

●destructive games-
break something into pieces

●Ready-made mind games

Dogs need to use problem solving abilities to be able to find food.Activities like these really help them become happier, help reduce boredom and most importantly strengthen the bond between you two.

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