Dinner time. Do you give your dog a bowl of food and by the time you leave the kitchen, the bowl is empty? Have you noticed that your dog eats his food quickly and without chewing? Will bowls that force your dog to make more effort to get his food solve this problem? Or will they only make it worse?

If you’ve noticed that your dog swallows food within seconds, it could be a sign that your dog is not absorbing nutrients properly or that he is panicking about food. In some situations he can has parasites  or it’s a general sense of danger associated with food.But it is good to know that some dogs eat definitely faster than others and this is not a cause for concern. So it is a good idea first try to determine why your dog gulps his food.

When slow food bowls are usually recommended?


This bowl can be recommended for dogs that eat too fast and vomit immediately after a meal. If your dog eats too fast and vomits I would first try to divide his food into several smaller portions throughout the day.

2.Mental stimulation for your dog

People are also choosing these bowls for the mental stimulation of their pets. It will certainly help owners who don’t spend a lot of time with their dogs. If this is the only mental stimulation you can give your dog during the day, this bowl could be the solution.

I  personally believe that using these types of bowls will not solve the problem of fast eating and may even be counterproductive. In my opinion, slow feeding bowls can lead to an adrenaline rush in your dog and make him more nervous because he won’t be able to physically reach the food he is so eager for. Of course, it will take longer before the food is in the dog’s stomach, but in the result you will have a more frustrated and nervous dog around food.If your dog is particularly enthusiastic while eating, there is a risk that he might damage her teeth.In addition, when the bowl is made of plastic, there is a risk of swallowing small parts.

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