If you look at Instagram’s dog accounts you’ll see thousands of stylish four-legged dog clothes. hundreds of colours, different designs that make our four-legged friends look even cuter. I’m sure owners have the best intentions when putting jumpers, jackets on their dogs. But have you ever wondered how your dog actually feels in clothes? Are they designed for every dog? How to quickly figure out if your dog likes to wear them?

DOES my DOG Like rainjacket?

Many of us decide to buy a raincoat because we have observed that our friend doesn’t like the rain,right? Many dogs will refuse to go outside in a downpour of rain. Just like us. What does your dog’s body language say when you take out the coat? Does he wag his tail and jump around ? Does he curl up and tuck his tail ? Does he bark? Does he run away quickly to another room? As every dog will behave differently there is no single answer to this question.You need ask the dog what he wants and know how to translate his answer.

I have met many dog owners whose dogs have a bigger wardrobe of clothes than their own and also those will say one natural coat is enough. I agree thag both dogs and wolves have permanently attached coats but lets not forget that our domestic dogs are also very different from their ancestors. We all should understand that rain coats or sweaters are not needed for every breed and what most important to not push dogs to wear them for nice picture on instagram or if they simply do not enjoy it.

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