Getting your dog to give you a high five is an easy and cute trick. It does not only look great, but it can also help your dog feel more comfortable when his paws are handled.How to easily teach your dog “high five” ?


Dogs just like humans show a preference for one side of the body over the other, which is related to the use of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Before teaching this trick, observe your best friend at play and see if he favors the right or left paw.

1.Hold the treat in front of the sitting dog

Place a treat in your hand and make a tight fist. Wait until he sniffs, licks and pushes your hand with his muzzle and works out how to get the treat out of your hand.

2. Add verbal command

He will eventually bring his paw up to the treat and paw at it.  As soon as he does, tell him ‘good boy’ and give her the treat.Repeat this excirse few times.

After a few repetitions add the word, ‘high five’ as she is in the process of doing the action.

3.Open your hand

Switch your hand position to meet your hand with their paw. Then repeat until they meet your hand with their paw every time.


Did you know that paw preference is closely related to emotions and behavior? Dogs that prefer the right paw are more able to confront new experiences and situations. Dogs with a left paw preference may show signs of aggression more easily than dogs with a right paw preference.

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