RELIABLE RECALL. How to teach your dog to come when called? PART 1

Reliable dog recall is not something you can teach your dog in 3 days. It’s months of fun and learning, which is why, in my opinion, it’s the first of the commands you should introduce into your dog’s life. Having the ability to call your dog to you can prevent a number of dangerous and life-threatening situations. Does your dog come when called every time in the house but pretends to be deaf when outside? You are not alone. How do you build a solid recall and make your dog come whenever called?

1.Start at home so your dog can focus only on you.

Every time your dog decides to come to you make a big party. Try to use the command once “come here” instead of ” come here…come here…come here”. – this is the biggest mistake I have observed in dog owners.Saying the command once and waiting for the dog’s reaction is the right way to go. Mostly dogs understand what we say to them, sometimes they just take longer to think about whether it’s worth it.Thefore always reward the action- This will show your dog that coming back to you the best thing he can do.

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