The relationship between dogs and humans has changed from hunting partners to beloved companions.Many of us are probably familiar with face licking by a dog. You may hate it or love it, but face licking is a key social bonding ritual for a dog. Have you ever wondered if face licking by a dog is a health risk? Should you stop this behavior?

Face licking is a normal social behavior that evolved from the wolf puppy behavior of licking the lips of adult dogs to induce regurgitation of partially digested food.Here are some reasons why dogs do that:

● gather information from pheromones and glands around the Mouth to figure out how u feel.

●showing affection


●appease the stranger so that the stranger does do anything harmful or threatening to the dog.

●cleaning food residue off your face.

For most healthy people, a dog licking your face or other body parts should pose minimal health risks.Be aware, however, that the bacteria in your dog’s saliva may include salmonella and harmful strains of Ecoli. If you let your best friend lick you, make sure your face is free of cuts and bruises.Allowing dog saliva to enter a wound can lead to an infection.Licking also has many benefits – such as reducing stress levels for both us and the dog, as well as helps in building a strong bond.Ultimately, it’s all up to you whether you allow your dog to engage in this behavior.

Do you let your dog lick your face?

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