How many times during a walk have you noticed that your dog has something in his mouth or is eating food scraps found in the grass? How many times have you been frustrated? Puppies and dogs use their mouths to explore and investigate their world.As a dog owner it is your responsibility to make sure your best friend understands that not everything on earth is up for grabs.How do you teach your dog to leave things ?

In my opinion, the “leave it” command right after “come here” is one of the most important commands to teach a dog. The leave it command can prevent resource guarding simply by teaching the dog to give up objects, will help train the dog’s self-control and in some cases is a lifesaver.

How to teach a dog the leave it command in a simple way?

■Find a place free of distractions, place a treat in one of your hands, and open your hand.
■The moment your dog approaches you and wants to take a treat use the leave it command and close the hand.
■When the dog gives up, praise him and give him treat from your other hand.Most important is to have patience and treat it as a game.
■Continue until he no longer tries to get the treat and you can leave it in your open hand. Once your dog has mastered this action, you can introduce the command to a higher level and put the treat on the floor.

Show your dog that asking him to leave some items or food doesn’t mean he won’t get anything, but that he can actually get something even more valuable. Leave it” command puts your dog for success and fun game to play.

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