The new year is around the corner.Dancing until dawn, delicious snacks, champagne, but also fireworks. This may be a source of joy for some people, but did you know that almost half (49%) of dog owners reported that their friends show signs of fear or anxiety in response to pyrotechnics? Do you know why dogs are afraid of fireworks ? Or are you wondering how to calm your beloved pet during New Year’s Eve? Why do some dogs not mind the sounds, while others get panic attacks?

Before I give you some tips that work for Sherlock , it is worth understanding why many dogs freak out when fireworks go off. Although it is not scientifically proven, I believe it has to do with the sharpness of the sound of fireworks and random intervals. In addition, we can’t forget that dogs’ ears are much more sensitive than people’s. Especially if you live in the city avoiding fireworks is almost impossible, so it is very important to start acting now. How you can to try help your dog on New Year’s Eve?


Prepare your house. Close the curtains, pull down the blinds and turn on the lights to mask the flashes of fireworks.

■Don’t stress. Keep yourself calm and relaxed so that your dog does not pick up on your emotions.

■Take your dog for a very long walk or give him plenty of exercises earlier this day.

■Provide him with a safe space inside.For Sherlock, a safe space means his crate – always open so he can lie down there when he wants to be left alone.

■Give your dog something fun to do. Bone or Kong filled with his favourite treats.  Thats what saved us when Sherlock was a small puppy.

If all these methods are not effective for your dog, you can talk to your vet who will prescribe a medicine for your friend..Keep in mind that when your pet is on anti-anxiety substances, what you see physically may not necessarily reflect how your dog feels.So I would use only nature based substances.

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