Giving a paw is one of the most common commands that dog owners want to teach their four-legged friends. This simple command can help increase your dog’s health and concentration. Remember that some dogs will be more willing to learn this trick while standing and some sitting.

■ Catch the paw movement
Hold a treat in your closed hand. put your closed hand in front of your dog’s nose and wait for your dog to move his paw. When your dog just moves it, praise and reward him.

■ Wait for the paw touch
In the next step, wait as the dog’s paw touches your hand.Be patient and repeat the exercise few times.

■Repeat excercice without treat in your hand
Once your dog has mastered the previous step, you can repeat the exercise without the treat in your hand. However, remember to reward him each time he completes a correct command. Sherlock still gets a treat every time – no matter if the command is very simple or difficult.

■Add verbal command.

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