Ding dong…We’ve all been through it. The doorbell rings and your excited dog runs straight to the door to greet stranger – danger.It’s just your friends but you don’t have time to stop your dog and all you do is shout his name out loud.Teaching your dog is about showing him the right way, not punishing him for inappropriate behavior.How to help your dog to stay calm and relaxed when visitors arrive?

1.Train proactively

Don’t wait for the courier or guests to arrive to start training.Ask a friend to join you and do a short dog training session every day. When there is no one at the door, ask your dog to sit in a place that you have designated. It could be another room or a small mat near the door. Then open the door and say hello loudly to the invisible delivery guy. In the next steps, your friend can ring the bell.Reward your dog for every time he stays in place.

2.Safe space

Having new guests in the house can be a very exciting, but also frightening experience for your dog. Prepare a reasonably safe, quiet place in case your dog gets tired of your guests.Can be his own bed in another room.

3.Teach politeness

Encourage your four-legged friend to come up and politely greet your guests.Use treats during the interaction.Remember not to force your dog into the hands of “strangers.”

4.Be conscious.

Do not answer the door while holding your dog.Instead you can put your dog in another room with their favourite stuffed food or toy. It will teach him that good things happen when someone stands at the door and it keeps quests safe.

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